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I offer discounted rates for Progressive Intimacy Coaching only. (Please see description on "In Private" page.) I do not discount any sessions other than Progressive Intimacy Coaching. 

Discounts available for:

  • intensives (up to 3 sessions over 3 days, lasting 4-6 hours each) 
  • packages (3 or 4 sessions paid in advance, done over 3 to 8 weeks)

In order to have an  unrushed, productive session, a full 3 hours is required (please note I no longer offer 2hr sessions). 

You may purchase a package straightaway or try out a single session before committing. You can purchase a package at the end of your initial session (and include the initial session in the discounted package) or pay for the single session at the standard rate (returning for occasional single sessions as needed). 

$300/hour (3hr minimum)

Packages* (ideally, sessions spaced 1-2 weeks apart)
3 sessions of 3hrs each = $2000   (9 hours @ $220/hr)
4 sessions of 3hrs each = $2600 (12 hours @ $217/hr)
3 sessions of 4hrs each = $2400 (12 hours @ $200/hr)

Intensives** (ideal for out-of-town clients)
1 day (5 hours) = $1400  
2 day (10 hours) = $2500  
3 day (14 hours) = $3600  

*Paid in advance; expires 3-6 months from purchase

**Many clients find it beneficial to tag a 2 hour sex education session onto the end of an intensive. Please note: Sex Ed rates are not discounted, but may be added-on at $600/2hrs.

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