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In February 2019, I was offered full certification by the International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA), the organization under which I trained and successfully completed a two year internship (in July 2018). I declined the offer for a number of reasons, none based in the quality of their training or effectiveness of their niche therapeutic modality. 

While I met every certification requirement, including

  • successful completion of a 100 hour didactic and experiential training course
  • a two year supervised internship (under a 20 year surrogate partner mentor)
  • 100% positive reviews and across the board recommendations from every licensed therapist I worked with in the required triadic relationship

IPSA's membership committee made certification contingent on changes to my coaching website that I disagreed with. Namely the removal of two pictures, one depicting me in a pair of 4" high heels (on my Mission page) and the other in a swim suit doing yoga (on my Rates page).

Alternately it was suggested I delete all mention of surrogate partner work from my coaching site, effectively disassociating IPSA from my site's "sexually suggestive" vibe. While I disagree that my site and pics are sexually suggestive, relegating mention of my SPT work to my other (SPT) website was an option I considered. In the end I decided to part ways with IPSA altogether, for a number of other reasons including our differing perspectives (not on the work itself but side issues of administrative style and standards of professionalism). My decision to leave IPSA was unrelated to their website edit demands. 

I've worked as a sacred intimate since 1985, the year I turned 18. Ultimately IPSA certification would've been a mere formality. "IPSA certified" surrogate partners are as unsupervised and independent as nonaffiliated SPs. (The designation is neither state sanctioned nor recognized by any legal, medical, or accredited academic body.) 

My personal standards of ethics, education, knowledge, experience, ability, and integrity are at least as high as those of the organization that trained and mentored me. I'm grateful for their 2 years of support and guidance on my 30+ year journey of sexual healing through sacred intimacy. 

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