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I'm still in the process of compiling this list, but have found that visual aids are helpful to dating coach clients, and especially the later-life virgins I work with. 

The first thing to know is that kissing is not an innate ability, but a learned skill. Some men have a knack for it I suppose, though that's usually due to simply putting a little thought and care into it. That, and a little instruction, is all it takes to develop your skill as a kisser. Visual aids help though...hence the movie scene list below.

There's no better example of "first impressions last" than the power of that first kiss to seduce or repel the receiver. If more men knew how many women will end budding relationships (romantic, sexual, casual, etc.) based on a disappointing first kiss, maybe more men would make an effort to be better at it. To that end, I frequently give this viewing assignment to clients.

Start by observing. Study the actors' technique and notice certain patterns (hint: more lip, less tongue—this cannot be stressed enough). I go into much more detail in session (when requested), but just about everybody can learn a few things from the following kissing scenes. (I've misplaced my full list of scenes and am recreating from memory. I'll add more as they come to me, and at some point will hyperlink video clips.)

  • Atonement
  • Han & Leia, The Emperor Strikes Back
  • Top Gun
  • The Office (Pam & Jim's first kiss)

[ be continued]

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