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Due to my recent book release, time is in short supply these days. I have a list of "Dear KC" questions to answer and post, yet one thousand other tasks that need tending to first.

For now, I've been wanting  to share new resources as they come up in my work and research. I've investigated enough of the list below to share them here with my approval. (Most are geared toward premature ejaculation, though Elizabeth at Green Heart Guidance works with a wide range of issues.) I'll edit this post at some point, and elaborate on them all. In the meantime click away and throw yourself into whichever works best for you. (I have personal experience with Green Heart Guidance, whose health assessment and advice was immediate, spot-on, and tremendously helpful to me.)

Thanks for your patience this year as I juggle 80hr work weeks and two separate (blessedly thriving) careers. I am fortunate indeed, also busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger. That said, I'm always available to see clients for sessions of 3hrs or more. Email me through my Pricing page and we'll set up a free phone consult.

I've worked with intuitive coach Elizabeth Galen, myself, to great success. If she can do for my clients with PE, what she did for me, they should contact her immediately.


I've emailed with Christina McGee about clients presenting with lifelong PE (LPE). As opposed to PE that's acquired later in life (APE), I believe pelvic floor muscle tension to be a major factor. You may need a doctor's referral, but I strongly suspect it will be worth the trouble. Pelvic Floor Muscle tension is definitely a major culprit in LPE.


This LMT seems very well versed in the type of massage &/or physical theray my PE clients need:


And a physical therapy office in NYC that seems to 'get it' more than other PT sites I've seen:

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