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I offer a number of significant discounts for Progressive Intimacy Coaching.* (Please see the description on my In Private page.) The amount of each package discount correlates to session length, not total hours purchased.

I do not offer discounts on any sessions other than Progressive Intimacy Coaching

Initial session, when purchased as a single session
$300/2hrs​ or $600/3hrs

In order to have a relaxed, unrushed, and productive initial session, a full 2 hours is required (though I recommend 3 hours if possible). All initial sessions are discounted, in that the first hour is free. In this way I hope to encourage and reward clients for the time and energy they put forth investigating (and participating in) this relatively new modality of intimacy coaching. 

You may purchase a package straightaway or start with a single session to see how you feel about intimacy coaching before committing to a package. You can buy a package directly after your initial session, or at anytime in the future. No immediate commitment is required.

Single session rate (after the initial session) 
$300/hr (no discounts)

Package Discounts (paid in advance; expires 1yr from purchase)

3 sessions of 3hrs each = $1800   (9 hours @ $200/hr)
6 sessions of 2hrs each = $2700   (12 hours @ $225/hr)
12 sessions of 90mins each = $4500   (18 hours @ $250/hr)

1 day (8hrs) = $1600 
2 day (12hrs) = $2400 
3 day (15hrs) = $3000 

     *Please note, I no longer offer a sliding scale. 

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