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I offer discounted rates for packaged sessions of Progressive Intimacy Coaching. (Please see description on my In Private page.) The degree of discount correlates to session length, versus total number of hours purchased.

I do not offer discounts on any sessions other than Progressive Intimacy Coaching

Initial session, when purchased as a single session
$300/2hrs​ or $600/3hrs

In order to have a relaxed, unrushed, and productive initial session, a full 2 hours is required (though I recommend 3 hours if possible). All initial sessions are discounted, in that the first hour is free. In this way I hope to encourage and reward clients for the time and energy put forth investigating and participating in this relatively new modality, intimacy coaching. 

You may purchase a package straightaway or start with a single session to see how you like it before committing to a package. You can buy a package directly after your initial session, or at anytime in the future. No immediate commitment is required.

Single session rate (after the initial session) 
$300/hr, 2 hour minimum (no discounts)

Package Discounts (paid in advance; expires 6 months from purchase)

    Weekly or Biweekly sessions
3 sessions of 3hrs each = $1800   (9 hours @ $200/hr)
4 sessions of 2.5hrs each = $2250 (10 hours @ $225/hr)
6 sessions of 2hrs each = $3000   (12 hours @ $250/hr)

1 day (8hrs) = $1600 
2 day (12hrs) = $2400 
3 day (15hrs) = $3000 

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