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I offer discounted rates for:

  • first time clients (initial session, 3-4 hours only)
  • intensives (half or full day sessions, done over 1-3 days) 
  • packages (3-6 sessions of 2-3 hours each, done weekly or biweekly)

Discounts apply to Progressive Intimacy Coaching sessions. (Please see description on my In Private page.) 

I do not offer discounts on any sessions other than Progressive Intimacy Coaching

Single sessions = $300/hour (2hr minimum)
First time client discount of $150-200 (as follows)

$600/2hrs​ (no discounts)
$900/3hrs ($750 for first time clients)
$1200/4hrs ($1000 for first time clients)

In order to have a relaxed, unrushed, and productive session, a full 2 hours is required (though I recommend 3-4 hours if possible). You may purchase a package straightaway or start with a single session to see how you like it before committing.

You can buy a package directly after your initial session (and include the initial session in the discounted package), stick with the occasional single session as needed, and/or purchase a package at any time. 

Packages (scheduled 1-2 weeks apart is ideal)
Paid in advance; expires 6 months from purchase

3 sessions of 3hrs each = $2000   (9 hours @ $220/hr)
4 sessions of 2.5hrs each = $2500 (10 hours @ $250/hr)
6 sessions of 2hrs each = $3300   (12 hours @ $275/hr)

Intensives* (ideal for out-of-town clients)
1 day (5 hours) = $1400  
2 day (10 hours) = $2400  
3 day (14 hours) = $3400  

*Many clients find it beneficial to tag a 2 hour sex education session onto the end of an intensive. Please note: Sex Ed rates are not discounted, but can be added-on at $600/2hrs.

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