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Dear KC, you list "body image issues" as something you work with. Does that include the penis? I've worry mine is too small and figure you've seen a few and would be a good judge. It's smaller than what I see in porn, and though I've been told by past girlfriends that it's fine (average-sized) they could be lying. I'd appreciate your professional opinion. Can I email a pic?

Thanks for reaching out. I understand and empathize with your concerns. We all want to feel like we measure up, and it's hard to appreciate genital variety and personal uniqueness in our blatantly judgey society. 

In a way, I've been there myself. When I was 20, I had a brief fling with a man I really liked. He was a bit of a playboy but a good guy who'd never purposely hurt a woman's feelings. One night on the phone he commented on my labia in a way that nearly scarred me for life.

"What the hell do you mean I have 'big lips'?" I screeched. 

"Calm down, it's cool. I like full, juicy pussy lips," he replied, genuinely nonplussed at my shock and dismay. 

I hurriedly ended the call and spent the rest of the evening in a fetal position on my couch, wondering how many other women had 'big lips' and whether or not some men truly liked them as my lover had claimed. I'd had sex with half a dozen woman myself, by then, and was aware of differences in genital size, color, and shape, but hadn't given my own labia much thought. To me, they were all lovely and delicious. Relative size (and whether that was a pro or con) never entered my mind.

I eventually quit worrying about it and it never came up again, except for the few times I brought it up. When asked, my lovers expressed opinions identical to my own. Basically, "Yeah, I suppose they're slightly larger than average, but who cares? It's all good, as long as it doesn't cause a woman discomfort."

My point is, regarding your penis image issue, I feel ya. It's human nature to want to fit in ... even if it shouldn't (and doesn't) matter. And yes, you're correct that I've 'seen a few.' Hundreds, to be exact.

So, will I view and 'rate' your dick pics? Sure. On a couple conditions.

I'm happy to give my experienced, educated, professional opinion on where yours falls regarding size and appearance. But as a professional, I expect to be compensated.

To send dick pics for review, email your request to listing specific concerns (size, shape, girth, color, etc.). Do NOT send pics in your initial email. Once I've received your request, I'll send instructions on how to make a payment of $20. Once my fee has been received I'll give the go-ahead to send pics. You may send up to 3, which should be enough to cover a few angles. (If you send more the extra fee is $10 each.) 

I understand your concerns and am happy to give my honest opinion, as long as you remember it's just that: one woman's opinion! I'm not a doctor and do not give medical advice. If you think you have an STI or cancerous growth, call your doctor immediately. I'll be of zero help there. 

Lastly, here's a fabulous and funny documentary by a guy with your same concerns: 

If I recall it's a 2 parter and the above link is for part 1. I watched it months ago and it really touched me. Ultimately it's all about embracing your body and loving and appreciating your genitals as they are.

I love my full, juicy pussy lips and wouldn't trade them for anyone else's in the world. I feel the same about every single penis I've had the pleasure of meeting in person. For the record, two of the very best lovers of my life (seriously, they rank in the top 5% in my long(ish) list of sex partners), had smaller than average penises. Size was NOT a factor, either aesthetically or pleasure-wise.


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KC said on 08-29-2016 at 10:37 am:

GD, I'm glad you've reached out. PE (or what I call rapid ejaculation or unintentional ejaculation) is the most common reason clients come to me. I'm delighted to say it's an issue with an extremely high success rate (hovering in the 95-99% range among experienced professionals like myself). Many clients notice improvement within their first few sessions, others require 6-12 hours of coaching plus a few months "out in the field" to put the whole issue behidn them. (And extra challenging cases may require 6 months or more.)

Email if you'd like to discuss it. I've lately incorporated long distance sessions via Skype or FaceTime, with excellent results. So if you're not in Austin, San Antonio, or Houston, there are other options.

PS: I came of age well before cell phone cameras too. And while selfies and sexting can be fun, useful tools for maintaining intimate connections, in my case, thank goodness there is precious little photographic evidence of my wildly drunken 20s to be found. :)

Go Deep said on 08-28-2016 at 4:15 pm:
Admittedly, I was in my 20s long before cell phones and cameras. I used to be really proud of my penis. I'm older now and have experienced PE. Every time I get close to my partner I worry that this is going to ruin our experience. Can you help?