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Dear KC, I was in a sexless marriage for twenty-five years. I've recently begun dating and suddenly feel like a bull in a china shop. I'm graceful enough on a basketball court (or once was, anyway), and even danced with my daughter at her wedding without stepping on her toes. In bed though, I'm rusty, awkward and clumsy. Can a person learn sensuality? 

Yes, you absolutely can. Some people seem like they were born connected to their inner sensuality, while others mange to access it given the right situation and environment. Still, some are cut off at an early age and never find their way back. It can happen over time as a reaction to trauma, betrayal, grief, or other triggers. These events don't cut the cord as much as tie it in a knot. But it can be smoothed out again, with guidance and the right partner.

I have specific exercises for getting clients out of their heads and into their bodies. Eventually they become able to respond instinctively, driven by authentic desires as their natural sensual self takes over. The process is more about learning mindfulness and how to be present, than incorporating a new skill set or some preset choreography.

The body already knows how to move and respond. Most of the time it's waiting for the head to get out of its way. 

My exercises will reconnect you to the inherent wisdom of your body. I'll help you find that natural, easy rhythm inside you, just waiting to be tapped so it can blossom. I utilize sound, breath, touch, and other means to help clients become fluid and attuned. Sessions take place in a safe trusting environment, with a caring experienced guide (me) dedicated to reawakening the instinctual sensuality already within you. 

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