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12-31-2019 SESSION DISCOUNTS, packages & intensives [Pinned post]
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08-22-2019 How can breathing techniques & (reverse) Kegels prevent premature ejaculation?
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11-19-2018 A Comprehensive Guide to Premature Ejaculation
09-12-2018 Living an Orgasmic Life, by Xanet Pailet
07-25-2018 Video Interview: Kissing, Seduction, Lust, Libido, Empathy, and (Consensual) Objectification
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04-23-2018 Prep Your Pad
03-22-2018 How does performance anxiety take hold of my brain?
02-21-2018 What's the difference between coaching and counseling?
01-20-2018 What are the biggest issues for men & women dating in their 60s?
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07-17-2017 Got No Game?
06-16-2017 How can I be more physically in tune with my partner?
05-14-2017 Please make the clitoris less mysterious.
04-13-2017 Help! I need thrusting techniques.
03-12-2017 How do I know if I need intimacy coaching?
02-11-2017 Performance anxiety and body image issues are ruining our sex life.
01-10-2017 How can I tell how a woman wants to be touched?
11-09-2016 Why won't she fall in love with me?
09-08-2016 Can I send you a dick pic?
08-07-2016 My picker is broken, help!
07-06-2016 What is fear of intimacy all about?
06-05-2016 Is it true women lose their sex drive by age 50?
05-04-2016 How can I fix my partner's sexual dysfunction?
04-03-2016 Older men dating younger women are immature & perverted ... right?!?
03-02-2016 He's cute, smart, fun, and accomplished, so why doesn't he turn me on?
02-01-2016 Can intimacy coaching cure premature ejaculation?