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SESSION DISCOUNTS, packages & intensives [Pinned post]Business  /  Dec 31st 2019

UPDATE: Due to an increasingly full writing schedule my availability for coaching sessions is limited. I accept new clients on a case-by-case basis. Please be serious about setting an appointment before filling out my Intro form. (I'm currently scheduling no more than one session per month, based on situations of greatest need.)

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Why can't I 'finish'?Sex  /  Jul 23rd 2019

[coming soon]

How do I build confidence when I lack the confidence to gain more experience?Activities  /  Jun 24th 2019

Ah, yes...a conundrum as old as time.

[ be continued] 

Dating For Dummies morning show segment (video)Chemistry  /  Jun 12th 2019

This past Monday I was interviewed on Daytime with Kimberly and Esteban. It was for a segment called "Dating For Dummies" about a back to basics approach for newly single or rusty/awkward daters.

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Dating Advice: The 5 P's Chemistry  /  May 24th 2019

I was recently asked to do an interview about a "back to basics" approach to dating. Important stuff to be sure, just not exactly what my dating coaching is about (which is less for how to get a date than what to do once you're on one). In composing my talking points I ended up with this list of big picture principles and advice I frequently give out and firmly believe in. And since I don't think it's what the show wants or wi

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Women's Anatomy of Arousal, by Sheri WinstonSex  /  Apr 25th 2019

I wish I had taken the time to review this book directly after reading it. As it is, enough has gone by I won't due it justice without rereading or at least skimming it back over, which I don't have time for these days. So I'll just say this:

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IPSA-trained Surrogate Parter (Affiliation Update)Business  /  Mar 13th 2019

In February 2019, I was offered full certification by the International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA), the organization under which I trained and successfully completed a two year internship (in July 2018). I declined the offer for a number of reasons, none based in the quality of their training or effectiveness of their niche therapeutic modality. 

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MUST WATCH Kissing Scenes (a tutorial)Activities  /  Jan 21st 2019

I'm still in the process of compiling this list, but have found that visual aids are helpful to dating coach clients, and especially the later-life virgins I work with. 

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A Comprehensive Guide to Premature EjaculationSex  /  Nov 19th 2018

Premature ejaculation (also known as unintentional or early ejaculation) is the most commonly cited male sexual issue. It’s been reported to affect 20-30% of the male population, however with most of those cases turning out to be "occasional" or "situational," current thinking puts the prevalence of treatment-worthy PE closer to 8-15%.

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Living an Orgasmic Life, by Xanet PailetActivities  /  Sep 12th 2018

The field of intimacy coaching (also sex, love, and relationship coaching) is expanding at a rapid rate, and yet the wide range of available modalities is off the average person’s radar. And why wouldn't it be? Until the need arises, why waste time Googling “painful sex,” “can’t orgasm,” or “Just what the hell is Tantric sex anyway?” 

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Video Interview: Kissing, Seduction, Lust, Libido, Empathy, and (Consensual) ObjectificationIntimacy  /  Jul 25th 2018

Check out my new video interview (a first!), with Derek Hart. Nearly ninety minutes of fun, fascinating, Intimacy Coaching related topics.

More Help for Premature EjaculationSex  /  May 24th 2018

Due to my recent book release, time is in short supply these days. I have a list of "Dear KC" questions to answer and post, yet one thousand other tasks that need tending to first.

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Prep Your PadActivities  /  Apr 23rd 2018

Dear KC, What do you mean my home isn't date-friendly?!

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How does performance anxiety take hold of my brain?Intimacy  /  Mar 22nd 2018

Dear KC, How does performance anxiety take such powerful hold of me, and at the worst times? It's gotten so bad I find myself making excuses to end dates early, to avoid risking a bout of ED. Why is my body working against me?

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What's the difference between coaching and counseling?Activities  /  Feb 21st 2018

Dear KC, Aside from education and licensing requirements, what's the difference between a coach and therapist? 

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What are the biggest issues for men & women dating in their 60s?Compatibility  /  Jan 20th 2018

I was recently asked to sit for an interview on the topic of senior dating. On the pre-submitted list of questions was one about the challenges men and women face dating in their 60s. I'm not unfamiliar with these issues, since many of my clients are in that age group. Still, I decided to take an informal poll, getting input from both sexes by querying a few dozen of my friends, clients, and acquaintances. My findings were

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What's the difference between sensual and erotic?Intimacy  /  Oct 19th 2017

Dear KC, It seems like sensuality is an aspect of your coaching work. How does sensual differ from erotic? Are they two distinct spots on the same scale? And if so, where is the line between them?

The short answer:
Sensual pertains solely to the senses, of which there are five physical. Sensuality is not inherently sexual, though it can lead to and enhance sexual activity.

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Why aren't men better at opening up?Intimacy  /  Sep 19th 2017

Dear KC, My boyfriend is under a lot of stress at work and won't talk to me about it. He's always been this way, like if we've hit a rough patch in our relationship and I want to understand what's not working for him, he'll clam up and change the subject. Why don't men understand that it helps to talk about this stuff?

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