I believe to be human is to be vulnerable.

We are all works in progress who must move forward lest we stagnate or backslide. I believe like attracts like, self-awareness is key to manifesting your destiny, and authentic intimacy is the surest path to emotional healing. 

Self-exposure is courageous, creativity Godlike, and sensuality sacred and sublime. Combining these forces enables life-altering connections and it is my mission to foster those bonds. To use my strengths and talents to serve my clients, inspiring confidence, clarity, and true intimacy in their lives.

We learn the most about ourselves through intimate connections.

Flirting, seducing, sparking or bombing, every encounter illuminates who we are and who we are not. Integrating that information is how we become our best selves, thereby attracting our most compatible partners.

Dating, sex, and intimacy are complicated, for some more than others. My goal isn't to find your life mate or coach you through a relationship. It's to help you become the best partner you can be, for your own benefit and pleasure as much as anyone else's. Since I believe the way to ensure great dates, sex, and intimacy is to build a foundation of great dates, sex, and intimacy, I coach through advisory and experiential means.

Experience is our best teacher.

No one hits the scene with a PhD in hand, yet most people expect to master this stuff going on instinct, longing, and drive. That's like skipping law school before sitting for the bar exam!

Clients tend to be frustrated by the time they find me. They feel awkward, self-conscious, disheartened, and angry, and I get it because I've been there too. I’ve made (and learned from) every mistake there is and went from fearful and flailing to excited and engaged (with life and three fabulous fiancés). 

When lost in the jungle you need someone who’s been there leading you out. An experienced leader and transitional partner in your journey to successful intimacy. 

Client Testimonial
"I haven't been this happy for 9 years, KC, and I really believe if not for you it would have never happened. You gave me such a confidence boost and taught me that my heart could thaw one day if the right situation came along. I really believe you were [my new partner's] forerunner for me, and I am so grateful to you for that." ~BP (long-time widower in a new relationship after three months' coaching)


Hi, I’m Kristin Casey (known by friends and clients as KC),
Certified Intimacy Coach, based in Austin, Texas

I've spent my life fascinated by, and working within, the arena of physical and emotional intimacy. I'm a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach (since 2011), certified Intuitive Intimacy Coach (2016), certified Reiki practitioner (2016), ten year yogini, recent Tantric Yoga student, and clean & sober addict with 20 years in recovery. I'm a (soon-to-be) published author and writer, quoted in magazines as diverse as Mother Jones, Forbes, and Men’s Health. I'm also an IPSA-trained and supervised Surrogate Partner Intern available for Surrogate Partner Therapy.

Does this mean I'm a sexpert? Well, wisdom is born of experience and of that I have plenty. At the risk of sounding like a serial dater, I've partnered with hundreds of men from every walk of life:  CEOs, rock stars, oil tycoons, artists, activists, capitalists, anarchists, doctors, lawyers, bankers, landscapers (well, just the one landscaper, but he was hot enough for ten men), cowboys, bad guys, good men, bad boys, and more than my share of sexy, sweaty musicians (and may I say, God bless the Live Music Capitol of the World, Austin, Texas wink). 

I've also had two long-term, deeply loving relationships, three fiancés, eight proposals, and countless adventures on my path. In my 20s I was engaged to a world-famous musician and in my 40s became a luxury companion. I've had every kind of connection worth having (and some that were borderline at best), passionate, loving, playful, intense, abiding, fleeting, enriching. Male, female, conventional and non-, sensual, primal, clumsy, skilled, and all across the board.

Woven through personal experience are 20 professional years in the field of erotic arts. My 30s were spent in sales and Real Estate and 40s as a professional companion. That's right, I dated for a living—a fulfilling and lucrative career providing insights on power, seduction, class, culture, and a universal truth transcending gender, age, race, and income. 

We all have fear, self-doubt, loneliness, and no small amount of denial. We are hurting, hurtful, and desperate to avoid feeling vulnerable. Hesitant to state our needs, we rush to build walls or lose ourselves in our partners. We stumble, fumble, occasionally score, and could sure stand to improve on that record. 

While I'm a huge proponent of talk therapy, what I offer is experiential healing. It can be helpful to see where fear of intimacy has blocked you or that your life and relationships are uninspiring, and yet self-knowledge is rarely enough. Together we'll move past the intellectual and theoretical, engaging intimately and authentically from your soulful, passionate core. 

My typical client is male, aged 35-70, often recently divorced, widowed, and/or retired. I see many former work-aholics, painfully shy or socially awkward men (severe introverts, Aspies, etc.), late-life virgins and semi-recluses, as well as generally well-adjusted men experiencing occasional (or pervasive) feelings of mild to moderate disconnection. 


For a free 30 minute consultation submit an Intro Form 
For basic inquiries KCaseyConsulting@gmail.com

ALL SERVICES $200-300/HOUR unless otherwise noted* 
Deposit may be required / Times listed are suggested session length


Online Coaching ($200/hr)
Dating Guidance:  1-2 hours 
Profile content edit:  1-2 hours 
Intimacy Coaching:  90 minutes

In Person Assistance ($250/hr)
Style & Image Consult:  3-6 hours
Mock Date:  3-6 hours
Lay the Course:  3-8 hours
Personal Muse:  6-8 hours 
Workshop Partner:  (please inquire)

In Private Sessions ($300/hr)
Progressive Intimacy Coaching:  2-4 hours (*package discounts available)
Sex Education:  2-4 hours (no discounts available)

*Surrogate Partner Therapy:  $150/hr (session length = 2hrs/$300)


Online Coaching


Whether you need one great dating profile or to cast a wide net with multiple accounts, I'll perfect your online content and fine-tune your communication strategies. Assisting with one-on-one correspondence from your cold approach to flirty replies (and kindly worded rejections) I'll ensure you're not overbearing or wishy-washy, underestimated nor overlooked. To review progress and chip away unhealthy patterns, we'll cover issues of compatibility (especially for men), boundaries (especially for women), and the following:


  • Who are you? What are your best qualities and how can we get them across? 
  • What are you looking for? What are your preferences, deal-breakers, and must-haves?


  • What turns you on? What image, vibe, or "type" catches your interest and why?
  • Where have you been fooled or unpleasantly surprised? What clues & cues do you miss?


  • How to be mysterious & playful versus coy & cagey? How to be assertive versus pushy or needy? 
  • How to elicit and reveal? Empathize and connect? Translate, intuit, and read between lines?


Progressive intimacy coaching (see "In Private" page) can be done via Skype/FaceTime. The Sensate Focus exercises I use are best experienced in person, but guided or mimicked self-touching can be an effective way to begin your journey to greater embodiment, pleasure, and intimacy. 

To foster the experience long-distance I sometimes employ an "Unclothed Coaching" technique. (Yes, you read that right.) Twenty years in the business has taught me this: men express themselves most authentically when aroused and sexually engaged. (I actually learned that in year one, then spent the next 19 proving it.) Unclothed Coaching is not a new concept, just not widely practiced nor for every client. Special rates apply; please inquire.

In Person 

Style & Image Consulting 

I’ll review your current wardrobe &/or home decor, discard dated items, then help you shop for key pieces or an entire overhaul. Afterward, we'll follow up with a photo shoot to enhance your online profile. 

Mock Dates 

The ideal way to launch your transformation by assessing your dating strengths and weaknesses. I recommend 1-3 lunches or dinners, after which I'll provide specific, thorough input to smooth out social or romantic rough edges. Highly recommended for widowers and recently divorced men, many of whom have credited me with enabling them to date again.

Lay the Course (Austin Tour or Nightlife)  

Less "mock date" than prep course for rusty & inexperienced clients hoping to (re)enter the dating scene. One way to reduce anxiety on dates is to share in fun activities. A great option if you're new to Austin and need a crash course in local offerings, or to get your feet wet with a stand-in/practice partner (me). From Hippie Hollow to Harry Ransom we'll explore the local  art scene, historic sites, hiking trails, swimming holes, downtown clubs, and healthy (or decadent) dining.

Personal Muse

Have a book inside you? Screenplay? Short film? Music & lyrics? Let me root around your soul and psyche (don't worry, it's more fun than it sounds) to see what I can coax out. We'll immerse ourselves in cool jazz, hot funk, singer/songwriter gigs, drum circles, art galleries, photography, poetry, free writing, body painting, and whatever else turns you on until you're tapped into the Universal Creative Cloud.

Workshop Partner 

I'm a weekend workshop addict, available to join you for local or travel destinations workshops on anything related to Tantra, massage, sexuality, etc. Sharing chi energy with an open heart is a beautiful and blessed thing. Also tough to do sans a partner to merge said energy with

In Private 

Progressive Intimacy Coaching

Whether emotional, physical, or sexual, intimacy can make life worth living or feel absolutely terrifying (sometimes simultaneously). My series of progressive exercises is designed to help overcome longstanding dysfunction, but can also help smooth out the occasional 'functional ripple.' Through focused sensual attention, improved communication, relaxation, mindfulness, embodiment, attunement, and the giving & receiving of pleasure, you'll discard antiquated constructs, form new neural pathways, get out of your head and into your body, and reclaim your birthright to authentic intimate connection.

Session pacing is tailored to the individual. Go through the entire series of 10-20 (core & supplemental) exercises or condense & cull the list according to your needs & desires. The standard series can be done over 3, 6, or 12 sessions.

Sex Education 

It's easy to talk about getting "out of your head and into your body," but not always easy to do without sexual skills and experience. Learning technique and anatomy helps to level the playing field so you're not lagging behind in this vital area of life. Once you're engaging from a space of self-assurance, ease, and confidence, you'll more easily form the intimate connections that further assurance, ease, and confidence.

I'm sex positive, kink & poly aware, and supportive of safe, sane, consensual alternative sexualities. I'm here to listen, inform, impart, and facilitate your exploration without shame, judgment or awkwardness.

Surrogate Partner Therapy 

Exceptionally challenging issues may require a slower pace and Supervising Therapist oversight. Rooted in the work of Masters and Johnson, Surrogate Partner Therapy is an adjunct modality of sex therapy designed to facilitate greater confidence, self-awareness, and capacity for physical & emotional intimacy. We focus on social skills, communication, body image, sensual touch, and sexual issues (ED, premature ejaculation, inhibited ejaculation, unreliable erections, anxiety, trauma, late life virginity, physical disabilities, etc.).

I am an IPSA trained and supervised Surrogate Partner Intern and adhere to their strict Code of Ethics. Please review my SPT site &/or inquire for more information.


Author / Speaker / Developmental Editor (fiction, non-fiction, screenplays)

Rates: Please inquire at KCaseyConsulting@gmail.com

Kristin Casey’s previous publishing credits include short stories, essays, articles, and poetry in the Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, The Nervous Breakdown, Metal Scratches, From The Asylum, Beginnings, Penwomanship, and $pread. Her screenplays have placed as high as Nicholl quarterfinalist, AFF second rounder, and Cynosure quarterfinalist.

She's a recovered alcoholic and addict who's rigorously inventoried her every resentment and relinquished ninety percent of them. She's survived clinical depression, numerous addictions, the panhandle of Texas, and sixteen years of Catholicism. She writes about addiction, dependency, intimacy, identity, relationships, and sexuality. Her comma policy is to throw a handful at the computer screen and where they land is where they stay.

She lives in Austin, Texas, doing her part to keep it weird as a sexpert and Surrogate Partner Intern. She is currently writing a nonfiction series on the aforementioned themes and is repped by Peter McGuigan at Foundry Literary + Media. Her first book is due for release by Rare Bird Books in 2017.

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